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Our Reuse Department, are able to farm end of life assets to capture, test and store, defined usable parts and gas that can be utilized across your estate, shortening part lead-times, closing the loop and supporting a circular economy.

Using a human touch, we are able to ensure parts are captured in their entirety, reducing the risk of damage.

In our gas reclaim department, we decant assets containing refrigerant gases, banking the recovered gas for further treatment.

Managing the process of capturing valuable refrigerants allows us to ensure the gas is cleaned in preparation for future use, supporting your servicing teams.

Through our reuse department, we have developed quality testing rigs, to ensure all parts retained are in full working order. This creates a reliable catalogue of stocked spare part assts for reuse across your estate. These are made available to reduce asset downtime and increase right first-time repairs, thorough service, and maintenance.